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low thyroid/ adrenal fatique

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 14, 2007 9:30 pm    Post subject: low thyroid/ adrenal fatique Reply with quote

I've been back and forth with this and at first I was leaning towards hypothyroidism ( underactive gland), but I came across a great site today with much insight and its like a lightbulb went out in my head when I started reading about adrenal fatique. 99% of symptoms matched, including the presence of dark circles. I'm only 21 and compared to my sister she has no circles, I have these really bad purple bruise like deep lines under my eyes, theyre getting more sunken in over time too, its so depressing to me because I'm self concious about my looks as it is. No concealer can cover them up. Up close they look like broken cappilaries, red and purple. I ordered something online and I'll try it out when it comes in, and let you guys know about the results. But I went out and bought this supplement today which I'm going to try, the main ingridient in it is licorice, along with vitamin C, b-12, ashwagandha and something else. It was reccomended on that site. A lot of people with low thyroid also have low levels of cortisol, which causes the adrenal fatique, feeling run down, depressed, panic attacks, facial numbness, irritability, always cold, neausea, etc, heres the site with more info.
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